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Mahaluxmi Processing House PVT. LTD is Ludhiana’s leading commission dyer of yarns. Mahaluxmi Processing House PVT. LTD was established in 1985 as Mahaluxmi silk store. Dyeing is the process of imparting colors to a textile material through a dye (colour). Today, synthetic dyes are preferred over natural dyes for their functionality. Dyes are obtained from flowers, nuts, berries and other forms of vegetables and plants as well as from animal and mineral sources. These are known as natural dyes. The other class of dyes is known as synthetic dyes.        read more..

We cater to dyeing of all types of yarns and blends available today in the market. We are well versed with the process of dyeing through reactive, disperse, Vat, Special dyes and other functional requirements such as Post Mercerization Fastness, High Light and High Washing fastness and many others.  read more..

Mahaluxmi Processing House Pvt. Ltd.

ADD : C - 231, Phase -8, Focal point,
Ludhiana. 141010 (PB) INDIA

Mail :
Cell : +91 98140 23384, 97815 36384
Phone : +91 161 2000 000
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